5 Bridesmaids Share Why (and How) They Deliberately Sabotaged Their Friends' Weddings

5 Bridesmaids Share Why (and How) They Deliberately Sabotaged Their Friends' Weddings

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The reality of being a bride means you have to plan for your bridesmaids to be a bit (or sometimes, a lot) unpredictable. You'll likely plan for them to arrive late for their morning-of hair appointment; you should assume they'll ask to bring a plus one to the wedding at the last-minute; and they may even throw a fit over the cost of the bachelorette party or the type of dress you've picked for them to wear to the wedding.

But one thing you don't think about (or shouldn't have to) when you ask your nearest and dearest friends to stand by your side on your big day is how, or if, they will sabotage your wedding. Because why in the world would they?

Except it happens. And it happens for reasons that sort of make sense, sometimes. Read on to hear the stories of five bridesmaids who share why they deliberately sabotaged their friends' wedding day.

The Bride's Husband-To-Be Was Cheating

“I gave my best friend an ultimatum on her wedding day: me or the groom. I know it's dramatic but it was my last straw. I had known for months that the groom was cheating on her. I tried to tell her, and every time I did, she didn't believe me. It drove our friendship crazy, and we were hardly talking on the wedding day, even though I was a bridesmaid. On the wedding day, I had photo proof of him kissing another woman but I knew if I showed her, she'd make some kind of excuse. I got the two of them in a room and showed the photo to them and said if you see this and continue to decide to marry this gross guy, I'll never speak to you again. She shockingly called the wedding off and the entire day fell apart.” -Savannah E., 32

The Bride Stole from My Wedding

“My best friend and I were planning our wedding at the same time and hers was just a month before mine, which already pissed me off, because as we were planning, she was taking a lot of my ideas. Sometimes she would steal my ideas and not tell me, but our vendors-the ones I picked out first-would tell me. One vendor told me she picked the exact same centerpieces as I did. So I called the vendor two weeks before the wedding and lied that the bride had changed her mind and wanted something else-all without the bride knowing. On the day of the wedding, the florist arranged centerpieces and the bride freaked out and found out what I did. She was livid. The wedding went on, but she didn't speak to me after that and didn't come to my wedding. Five years later, we laugh about it, and we're OK. It was petty, and it was wrong of both of us.” -Laura P., 35

I Was Tired of Dealing with a Demanding Bride

“You try dealing with a friend turn into a demanding bride and not have every desire to sabotage the wedding. It's impossible. Among many other crazy things, she asked us to buy a dress that cost $450. At the time, I was still in nursing school and couldn't afford that. I told her I bought it and sent selfies of me in the dress (while at the store). On the day of the wedding, I showed up wearing a dress I got at a discount store for $35, that was a similar color shade as the dress she picked. She lost her mind. She demoted me from bridesmaid to wedding guest in three seconds. What was worse was that I got two more of the bridesmaids to do that same thing. So she went from having five bridesmaids to just two on her wedding day.” -Wendy R., 29

The Bride Ruined My Wedding First

“My best friend showed up to my wedding so drunk that she knocked the cake over when it was delivered. She practically passed out during the ceremony. She was so drunk she puked all over the bathroom during the reception. I was so angry at her but found the strength to outwardly forgive her. Until two years later, when she got married. I was so furious that she was going to have a perfect day after she ruined mine. So what did I do? I drank a bottle of champagne at 9 am and arrived drunk. I don't remember most of the night except that I puked during wedding party photos all over my dress and screamed out terrible things during the toasts.” -Erica F., 27

I Was Young and I Was Jealous

“My best friend of so many years got married at age 22 instead of going on a backpacking trip that we planned together since we turned 18. She met someone and they got engaged fast, which scratched out our plans. I was angry and jealous so I reacted like that. I refused to give a maid-of-honor speech and instead got on the microphone and said two words before sitting down. I drank too much and passed out on the table. And I tried to kiss the groom. Her wedding was a mess, mostly because of me. It's been three years and we have not spoken since.” -Sarah C., 25