27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

27 Wildflower Bouquets For A One-Of-A-Kind Bride

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Nirav Patel

This deliciously romantic bouquet of deep red, blush pink, and ivory proves that wildflowers can take on a sophisticated vibe, especially when nestled among more traditional flower choices.

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Carol Oliva Photography

Earthy, autumnal hues with accents of gold and jewel tones celebrate the season's intangible warm vibes.

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Farrah Allan Photography

Full of foliage, berries, and pops of red flowers, this charming bouquet looks like it was plucked right out of the fields.

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Barefoot and Bearded

A spray of wildflowers frames an oversized king protea, creating the illusion of one gorgeous flower.

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Callie Hobbs Photography

Complete with fall foliage, this layered bouquet takes on a harvest inspired color palette of warm, welcoming bucolic tones.

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CJ Williams Photography

This botanic arrangement is the opposite of bridal, but that's exactly why we love it. Native flora plays with texture and light with deep, vibrant color.

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Stefanie Kapra Photography

A centerpiece of pastel roses get a messy twist thanks to wildflower and feather accents.

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ofRen/Poppy + Mint

Wild delphiniums have a watercolor effect thanks to their many tints and shades-pink is said to symbolize fickleness while violet represents the attachment of first love. We love them for a dreamy summer bouquet.

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Stephen Liberge/Agnes Laye Fleurs

Foraged foliage and exotic blooms in deep jewel tones mix with feathers, cotton, rose hips, and oak leaves to create an enchanting effect rich in texture.

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Teri B Photography

It's wildflowers all day, erryday with this delicate bunch of coral, blue, and white beauties.

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The Poffs

Organic and luxurious, this beautiful bouquet mimics the colors of the sunset.

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Summer Taylor Photography

A free-spirited bouquet makes a statement by juxtaposing pampas grass with pink and red wildflowers for a bit of unruly magic.

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Lilly Red Creative

The wildest of them all, this bohemian gem juxtaposes dried flowers with crisp blooms for an ethereal combination.

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Koman Photography

Warm blush-toned florals sprinkled with white buds and sprigs of green carry an effortless feminine spring vibe.

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Pat Furey

Ranunculus flowers radiate romance without the formality, especially when accented with miniature wildflowers for a fresh garden feel.

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Michelle Roller

This bright bouquet is pure sunshine thanks to an unexpected combination of cobalt blue, gold, and deep orange blooms peppered with delicate daisies.

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Ruth Nyquist Creative

A multi-flowered and multi-colored palette combines the best of the most delicate wildflowers, complete with wild berries for an extra natural touch.

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Darek Smietana

A neutral palette emits countryside charm in this handpicked bouquet of natural beauty.

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The Elopement Collective/Crimson Wedding Flowers

Husky, barren tones cast a wintry spell in this sumptuous bouquet rife with pale roses and edgy miniature blooms.

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Dan Brannan

Wild and whimsical, this verdant bouquet comes to life with a little bit of everything.

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Jazzy Connors

Sprigs of bright wildflowers dance around traditional blooms and roses for a rustic garden vibe.

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Elizabeth M Photography

An organic boho bouquet of greenery and purple thistle takes a cue from lush summer woodlands.

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The Moody Romantic/ Fire and Blooms

If you could hold the beauty of the forest in your hand, this is what it would look like. Earthy greenery and florals in rich shades of fuchsia trail with disheveled romance.

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Matt Godkin Photography

Wild greenery and native Australian flowers combine for some unstructured beauty.

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Emily Delamater Photography

Fifty shades of a pink with a dash of green, this gorgeous arrangement marries moody hues with the delicacy of spring tones.

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Curly Tree Photography/ Jade MacIntosh Flowers

Sometimes, the bigger the better-like in the case of this stunning bouquet, where a deliciously diverse array of wildflowers surrounds a king protea centerpiece.

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Noelle Johnson/Fire and Blooms

Dripping with decadence, this stunner looks like it was picked straight from a mountainside meadow with its array of lavender, fuchsia, and periwinkle flowers for some violet-hued goodness.