Modern Wedding Cakes Wrapped in Ruffles

Modern Wedding Cakes Wrapped in Ruffles

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Minty Fresh

Photo by Judy Pak. Cake by Nine Cakes

The soft, sea-foam green hue and subtle marble pattern make this three-tier wedding cake feel modern and fresh. The gilded edging adds just a hint of glamour while top tier features a ruffled edge that resembles the texture of a torn sheet of paper.

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Moody Greys

Photo and Cake Design by Jasmine Rae Cakes

This confection features buttercream-covered tiers and a base covered sculptural fondant ruffles; the cool grey color palette feels edgy and chic, channeling a lithe ballet dancer.

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OmbrГ© Ruffles

Photo and Cake Design by Charm City Cakes

Each of the three cake tiers is wrapped in dramatic fondant frills that begin in a coral-pink shade and transition to rosy pink, then to the softest shade of blush.

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Cascade of Ruffles

Photo and Cake Design by Victoria Made

If you're going for some major wow-factor, look no further than this towering all-white cake that's decorated with an asymmetrical cascade of fondant ruffles. The intricate pleats just beg for a closer look.

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Rose Gold Cake

Photo by Chen Sands; Cake by Crummb

This rose-gold stunner is a modern twist on the ruffle cake-the oversize fondant ruffles flare out in dramatic fashion and make a major statement.

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Fondant Pleats and Ruffles

Photo and Cake Design by Bottega Louie

The bottom tier of this simple yet stunning wedding cake is covered in delicate ruffles while the top two tiers are studded with pretty circular-shaped pleats.