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Cool Rider: 16 Custom Wedding Jackets to Cover Up Your Dress

Cool Rider: 16 Custom Wedding Jackets to Cover Up Your Dress

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Wedding Name Custom Denim Jacket: WTFembroidery

Wedding name custom denim jacket, starting at $150, WTFEmbroidery on Etsy

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Custom Hand Painted Wedding Jackets: WildRoseShopNY

Custom Hand Painted Wedding Jackets, $100, WildRoseShopNY on Etsy

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Custom Wedding Jacket: Shimmer & Stain

Custom Wedding Jacket, $100, Shimmerandstain on Etsy

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Popped Collar Custom Wedding Jacket: WTFembroidery

Popped Collar Custom Wedding Jacket, $120, WTFembroidery on Etsy

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Custom Wedding Jacket: Copeland Studios

Just like Kimye. Leave it to the world of Etsy to make your Insta-famous wishes come true. (Custom wedding jacket, $119.99, Copeland Studios available at Etsy)

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Just Married Bomber Jacket: SSDesignCo

Just Married Bomber Jacket, $60, SSDesignCo on Etsy

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Just Married Denim Jacket: SSDesignCo

Just Married Denim Jacket, $75, SSDesignCo on Etsy

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Just Married Patch for Denim Jacket: The Daily Disco

Just Married Patch for Denim Jacket, $30, The Daily Disco on Etsy

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Personalized Just Married Iron on Decal: The Native Bride

Personalized Just Married Iron on Decal, $25, TheNativeBride on Etsy

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Wifey Denim Jacket: SSDesignCo

Wifey Denim Jacket, $75, SSDesignCo on Etsy

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Removable Decal for Leather Jacket: Nicole's Covet

Courtesy of Nicoles Covet

Nicole Hanriot, founder of Beach Riot swim, wore a custom leather jacket so amazing to her own wedding, she's selling them on Etsy. The art is removable, meaning you're married to the guy, but not the jacket monogramming. (Removable Decal for Leather Jacket, $45, Nicoles Covet on Etsy)

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Custom Faux Leather Jacket: Copeland Studios

Custom faux leather jacket, $119.99, Copeland Studios on Etsy

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Custom Wedding Jacket: Unorthodox Bride

A hand-painted option is perfect for a boho bride. This one comes in your preferred color and can be customized with your saying. (Custom Wedding Jacket, $163.27, Unorthodox Bride on Etsy)

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Custom Embroidered Jacket: Gypstitch Embroidery

Custom Embroidered Jacket, $300, Gypstitch Embroidery on Etsy

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The One Jacket: Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky got in on the denim jacket game with her "The One" jacket. Her team in France scours the universe for perfect vintage jackets to be embroidered. (The One Jacket, $112, Rime Arodaky)

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Lucy Jacket: Oscar de la Renta

Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

In perhaps the most perfect iteration of this trend - Oscar de la Renta's Lucy jacket has us just absolutely drooling. (Lucy Jacket, $2,290, Oscar de la Renta)