10 Fresh and Classy Bachelorette Party Signs to Celebrate in Style

10 Fresh and Classy Bachelorette Party Signs to Celebrate in Style

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Bachelorette Banner Going to the Chapel

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Keep your signage modern and original with a black font and non-overused expression. Since this one doesn't apply specifically to the future Mrs., you can even recycle it for the rehearsal dinner.

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Bride Tribe Banner

Courtesy of Whimsical Children

Ditch the overly been-there-done-that cursive banner font for something completely contemporary. The bride's "tribe" can surprise her with this decoration to kick off the celebration. You can also choose silver or pink to complement her style.

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Pop Fizz Clink Banner

Courtesy of Sparkling Gala

If you must go the cursive glitter route, again differentiate from the norm with a slightly less banal color (no gold!) and cute, champagne-related wording.

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Bachelorette Burlap Garland

Courtesy of Ichabod's Imagination

For a beach-themed bachelorette or wedding, the whole crew can channel their inner nauti natures with this burlap sign. Plus, this seaside-infused message is much more PG than "Let's get ship-faced."

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Custom Hashtag Banner

Courtesy of Couronne Boutique

Incorporate the wedding hashtag or a group inside joke into the bachelorette party sign. Custom design your own bunting-inspired banner with up to 15 letters.

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6" CHEERS Glitter Banner

Courtesy of GIRLBYE

Nothing gets the point across at a bachelorette party quite as effortlessly as a shiny pink "cheers" sign. Or, take your pick from one of 20 other color options to kick off the celebration and get glasses clinking.


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Miss to Mrs. Banner

Courtesy of Boston Ink Blink

The whole point of the bachelorette shindig is to celebrate the future bride's new surname, so decorate the venue accordingly with this straightforward and fun decorative centerpiece.

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Fiesta Bridal Shower Banner

Courtesy of Swanky Burlap

Kick the fiesta into high gear. Cactus infusions make this the ultimate bach party essential for any type of festivity, but especially for a southwestern theme or venue. Throw some corresponding cactus drink stirrers into the mix, and you're all set.

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Bride & Co. Glitter Banner

Courtesy of Social Bash and Co.

We love this alternative spin on the "bride tribe" trope. The all-caps lettering and short message scream casual but still cool.

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Rose Gold Balloons

Courtesy of Belleepoque Co.

Taking your celebrations to Music City? Keep in line with the southern venue through a pretty "Nash Bash" balloon banner.

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