8 Innovative Baby Products for New Moms

8 Innovative Baby Products for New Moms

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Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine

Courtesy of Hatch Baby

This more-than-a-night-light helps to create the perfect sleep environment for your baby by emitting custom colors and sound or set programs that help promote healthy sleep routines. You can control it from your smartphone and adjust the brightness as needed without disturbing your little one while making it softer when you need a middle-of-the-night diaper change, or by putting on some soothing sounds while nursing or rocking to sleep.

SHOP NOW: Target, $59.99

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Yoomi Feeding System ($32.95)

Courtesy of yoomi

Bulky bottle warmers, microwaves, and stovetops are no longer necessary to provide your baby with warm milk. These bottles warm milk to the “perfect breastmilk temperature” within just 60 seconds at the touch of a button. They're BPA-free and have a naturally shaped nipple for easy infant latch within six anti-colic vents. Perfect for the on-the-go mom, there's no batteries or plugs, and they work for babies that are bottle-use only, combination feeding, or those first transitioning from breast to bottle.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $32.95

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Razbaby keep-it-kleen Pacifier ($4.99)

Courtesy of Razbaby

Ever cringe when you see a baby drop a pacifier and then put it back in their mouth? Cringe no more thanks to the keep-it-kleen line of pacifiers, which close when dropped. They're also BPA-free, feature a silicone orthodontic nipple, and the shield is attached to the pacifier itself, so you don't have to worry about any lost parts.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $4.99

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BlueSmart mia Smart Baby Feeding Monitor

Courtesy of BlueSmart mia

It seems as everything is being made to be “smart” these days, and now feeding your baby is no exception. Known as the world's first smart baby feeding monitor, the BlueSmart mia provides real time monitoring so parents and caretakers can know the quantity, length, temperature and even angle of bottle feedings, all in real time. With this technology you can set goals, get notifications on time to feed, and track feeding, sleep and growth on daily, weekly and monthly basis. What does all this mean? Essentially, it can help you provide the right portions at the right temperatures, with helpful suggested feeding plans and tips.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $49.99

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Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Courtesy of Nanit

Baby monitors are nothing new, but this model is. With the ability to be a baby monitor that “teaches your baby how to sleep,” this sleek styled monitor provides a birds-eye, overhead perspective that shows every corner of the crib, and is equipped with smart sensors in real time that provide sound and motion notifications. You can live stream the feed on to your phone, so whether you're at home or afar, you can see every little wiggle and snuggle going on while your little one sleeps (or not.) And thanks to Nanit Insights, you'll have the enhanced ability to track and analyze sleep, save video history, watch time-lapse sleep summaries, check out age-based comparisons, and more.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $279.99

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Halo Bassinest Premiere Series

Courtesy of HALO

Make middle of the night wake-ups and feedings a bit easier with this bedside buddy. Marketed as the only bassinet that rotates a full 360 degrees, it provides easy access to your babe with a lowering side wall while also including a nightlight, soothing sounds and lullabies, two varying levels of vibrations, storage pockets, and more. This bassinet can adjust to fit beds between 24 and 34 inches high, and can make postpartum recovery easier when saving you trips back and forth to the nursery.

SHOP NOW: Target, $249.99

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Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper

Courtesy of Happiest Baby

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, this sleeper acts as “your own personal night nurse” with an ability to soothe and settle your baby. Using a built in swaddle that is hip-safe and will keep baby on its back, it selects the best motion based on your baby's needs, and gently rocks to help train your baby to be a better sleeper. Also providing white noise in the form of soft rain or a womb-like sound, it monitors and responds to what your baby needs in that moment. And if you're worried that all this will make the crib transition impossible, it also has a gradual weaning feature, too.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $1,160

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The Ollie World The Smarter Swaddle

Courtesy of The Ollie World

Long gone are the days of simple baby blankets doing all the work. For safer and more effective sleep, it seems swaddling is here to stay. This “Smarter Swaddle” takes it a step further, eliminating the struggle of manual swaddling by providing an innovative design with a perfect fit. Made from moisture wicking fabric to reduce the risks of overheating, this swaddle “eases the transition from the womb” and promotes self-soothing by the infant, which then helps the baby to sleep safely. (The baby also looks quite adorable cocooned up in one of the four colors.)

SHOP NOW: The Ollie World, $59