Chrissy Teigen's Internet Quiz Result Says She Should Have Married John Krasinski

Chrissy Teigen's Internet Quiz Result Says She Should Have Married John Krasinski

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Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen got some shocking news via a BuzzFeed quiz on Wednesday: that she may have married the wrong John.

Teigen clicked on the quiz, which asks you to plan a brunch in order to find out which famous John is "destined to be your bae," presumably to confirm that her marriage to singer John Legend was meant to be. Instead, she was faced with the shocking revelation that The Office and A Quiet Place star John Krasinski may be a better match. Obviously, online quizzes are a completely reliable source of information, and a totally valid way to make major life decisions. Teigen broke the news via (where else?) Twitter.

Krasinski, who is married to actress Emily Blunt, knows Chrissy well through their work together on Lip Sync Battle, which he co-created and she co-hosts. The quiz in question cites Teigen's and Krasinski's shared love of coffee, lox bagels, and pancakes as key reasons why the two would be perfect together. What more could a couple need? Still, he assured pal John Legend on Twitter that he "had nothing to do with this!!!" but added a cryptic "Or DID I?" at the end.

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While this domestic drama is still unfolding, we recommend the couples in question do some soul searching and hunker down with a strong WiFi connection to take some more online quizzes and get to the bottom of this conundrum. If only the two Johns could take an online quiz asking them to plan a dinner party to find out which famous Chrissy and/or Emily is their one true love to put this all to rest.

For what it's worth, Legend and Blunt have yet to comment.