YouTube Star Jackie Aina Is Engaged After a Romantic Proposal in Greece

YouTube Star Jackie Aina Is Engaged After a Romantic Proposal in Greece

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Social media influencer and YouTube beauty guru Jackie Aina got engaged this week after her boyfriend Denis Asamoah planned an elaborate proposal while they were on vacation in Santorini, Greece. Wedding bell rumors had been following the couple for a few months now, so they've finally made things official and, of course, captured exactly how their special moment went down on Instagram.

Aina and Asamoah had been spending time in a private villa at the Andronis Luxury Suites for Aina's 32nd birthday. Eventually, as Asamoah shared later, he blindfolded her and led her to a secluded area overlooking the sunset, where he had set up a saxophone player and tons of rose petals.

“This terrace was the perfect setting for a private dinner and proposal,” he wrote in the caption of several photos. “Sade is Jackie's favorite artist and I had a saxophonist play her favorite hits throughout the night.”

He added later, “After walking up a number of stairs and Jackie nearly falling into the candles it was at this point, I went down on my bad knees, and took out the ring, and prepare to say my speech. Whilst she was dancing to the Sade song' 'nothing can come between us' I was struggling to get the ring box out of my pocket. I eventually got there in the end.”

Aina posted an image of the gigantic ring Asamoah gave her later, captioning it, “The day I said yes.” She opened up about her reaction in an interview with Us Weekly, explaining that she had “no idea it was coming,” even though she and Asamoah had already picked out a ring at Forever Diamonds in New York.

Now, she and Asamoah are already thinking about how they want the wedding to go. Aina, whose father is from Nigeria, explained that she wants to incorporate traditional and cultural elements into the big day.

“We've talked about the traditional aspects of the wedding,” she said. “We'll have an American wedding and a more traditional ceremony for our families. So two weddings!”

Here's hoping we score at least one invite!

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