Queer Eye 's Tom and Abby Went on a Double Date With Season 2's William and Shannan

Queer Eye 's Tom and Abby Went on a Double Date With Season 2's William and Shannan

In each episode of Netflix's Queer Eye, the Fab Five (Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness) upgrade their subjects' wardrobes, eating habits, homes, and self-esteem. And those improvements don't end when the cameras stop rolling: As seen in posts and updates from past subjects, they've gone on to get married, take on challenges they wouldn't have before, and even become friends with one another. Most recently, this past weekend, Tom and Abby from the show's first season and William and Shannan from season two went on a double date in Atlanta, which William dutifully documented thoroughly enough to make it just as good as a bonus Queer Eye episode.

William teased the group outing earlier in the week, when he posted a photo collage on Instagram of both couples, captioned, "Double date? Stay tuned Saturday." When the big day finally arrived, he posted another collage, this one using photos from both couples' post-Queer Eye weddings, and continued hyping up the evening's plans: "Just a few hours away from the biggest event of this afternoon!!!" he wrote.

In subsequent updates from the double date, William revealed that the couples all met up at Atlanta's La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant, and once Tom and Abby showed up (William and Shannan arrived a whopping 90 minutes early!), they shared a feast of enchiladas, chips and salsa, and margaritas, though it's unclear whether Tom requested his signature "redneck margarita," a potent combination of Mountain Dew and tequila that made the Fab Five gag. Both couples appeared to have a great time at the dinner, surely leaving fans of the show wishing for even more episode crossovers.

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In case you need a refresher, during Tom's episode (the very first of season one), the Fab Five helped him prepare for a date with Abby, his ex-wife. Not long after the episode aired and viewers fell in love with their love story, the pair announced that they had tied the knot for a second time in March 2018. And in the second episode of the second season, the Fab Five gave William the push he needed to propose to Shannan, his longtime girlfriend, via an adorable homemade film in which he memorably declared that "I Shannan Shannan." The duo married in a beachside wedding in June and, along with Tom and Abby, are clearly living their best lives.