10 Reasons to Host Your Bachelorette Party at Amangiri Resort

10 Reasons to Host Your Bachelorette Party at Amangiri Resort

If you and your gals are looking for a bachelorette destination that's equal parts relaxation and adventure, there's no better place than Amangiri. This über-exclusive resort, located on the Utah-Arizona border (remember that U.S. history lesson on Utah's “Four Corners” region?), is like something out of a Southwestern fantasy. The resort is secluded among red rock mountains and has a definitively luxurious yet laid-back vibe. So whether your future 'maids are city-slickers (who like sophisticated digs, personalized service and amenities to the nines) or boho-babes (who prefer a Zen ambiance, wellness-focused cuisine and nature aplenty), expect them all to leave calling Amangiri heaven on Earth. If you still need convincing, herewith the 10 reasons why you should blow Singletown out of the water at Amangiri:

1. Because you can commune with nature as much (or as little) as you like.

Amangiri is uniquely situated in the heart of the American Southwest. Sites like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Monument Valley are all within driving distance and offer countless opportunities for adventure. If you'd rather stay closer to home, the resort is set on 600 acres of private land, so all you need do is walk out of your suite and pick among the many winding hiking trails (don't miss the 2.5-mile Hoodoo Trail).

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2. Because the pool is Insta-perfect.

If you've ever Googled “insane hotel pools,” chances are Amangiri is among the first results to pop up. Nothing about this resort is average, so naturally, average hotel lap pool this is not. Rather, the oversize stunner wraps around a giant outstretch of rock, is tinted a beautiful blue-green color, is heated to perfection both day and night, and has a hidden hot tub set above it. So grab your cocktails and go for a soak.

3. Because you can climb insanely tall mountains.

Amangiri is home to six via ferratas (translates literally to “iron road”), which are steep rock-climbing courses made up of fixed ladders and cables drilled into the mountainside. Book you and your gals on a private morning excursion (accompanied by two cute guides) and hold on for dear life as you clip and un-clip your way to the top. Got a friend who's scared of heights? Tell her: the guides are there the entire way to make sure you stay safe; your Instas during the climb are 100 percent worth the fear; accomplishing something together is a bonding experience; and after making it to the top you get to repel down the mountain - who gets to do that on a bachelorette?

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4. Because no one will complain about the food.

Every bride has that one friend (unless you are that one friend) who insists on sharing boring appetizers at dinner, doesn't eat eggs at brunch and critiques every restaurant before you've even sat down. Lucky for you Amangiri has some of the best resort food you'll ever taste. Not only are the menus designed for sharing, but you can also choose among a number of globally inspired dishes, as the resort fuses influences from the Southwest with the Asian heritage of Aman Resorts. So while one of your 'maids orders the braised lamb tostada with house-made ricotta, someone else can have her wild salmon done in an orange miso butter preparation. Oh, and did we mention you can arrange special meals in a private dining room and on a secluded patio overlooking the mesas? Done and done.

5. Because the prickly pear margarita is a girl's best friend.

Forget martini night. Upon arrival at Amangiri, you and your friends should promptly swap gin for tequila and order up one (or two) of these pink concoctions, which strike the perfect balance between sweet and savory - with a salty rim, natch.

Katie James

6. Because you can learn a new type of yoga.

Expect even your most devoted yogi-friend to be impressed by Amangiri's unique offering of Budokon Yoga, a practice that combines yoga flow with a sequence of circular movements through martial-arts inspired transitions. If that sounds like a load of gibberish, it kind of is. But have faith and book a private session for you and your girls; even if you fumble your way through the (rather challenging) full-range movements, you'll walk away having learned a novel practice that's both strengthening and balancing.

7. Because that one friend who always complains about being cold won't be cold.

Daytime temps in the Southwest can reach 100 degrees in summer, but the dry heat means you'll never be a “Sweaty Betty”; cooler nights, meanwhile, provide the perfect counterbalance and the chance to cozy up by the fire pit wrapped in cashmere. Expect to waver between perfectly pleasant and comfortably cool.

Courtesy of Amangiri

8. Because the spa will make all your wedding worries disappear.

One of the founding principles of Aman Resorts is a wellness approach dubbed “a world within a world,” meaning each resort spa is imbued with the ethos of the local environment and culture. While reflexology and bamboo massages are on the menu at Amanfayun, in Hangzhou, China, at Amangiri's 25,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor spa you'll find treatments like flotation therapy, red clay body wraps and cranial sacral therapy, each of which aims to incorporate the healing traditions of the Navajo people through the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water.

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9. Because who doesn't love horseback riding?

If you and your friends want to meet a real cowboy, book a morning or afternoon horseback-riding excursion with Dale. The horses are brought directly your front door and you needn't venture far to take in the sites - the property is home to extensive trails that make for the perfect casual ride or full-gallop adventure. If you prove your skills on horseback, Dale may even challenge you to stand up on the saddle after the ride is over.

10. Because total isolation brings you and your friends together.

Let's face it, today's bachelorette standards have gone through the roof; one crazy night on the town has been replaced by a multi-event destination girls' getaway. All that fuss (and expense) can easily drive your friends crazy, so being in a place that brings you all closer is what makes it worthwhile. It's easy to forget that the purpose of a bachelorette is, yes, to shower the bride-to-be with attention and love - but it's also to create lasting memories as a group before another one of you settles into a new life with a new partner-in-crime. So the chance to be together somewhere that's totally remote yet full of adventures is worth the hassle.

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