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How to Find the Right Wedding Dress Silhouette for Your Breasts

How to Find the Right Wedding Dress Silhouette for Your Breasts

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Just like your breasts, wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. And what works for one bride may not necessarily work for another. While a lot of finding the one is all about trial and error, there are a few “boob rules” you'll want to follow when trying to track down your perfect fit.

1. Bring the right bra for your bridal salon visits
This one is critical! According to Dorian Smith-Garcia, founder and Editor in Chief of The Anti Bridezilla, an everyday bra is going to fit and lay differently under your dress than a special occasion bra, and in turn, will affect how the dress looks on you. “If you opt for a truly boutique experience versus a big box bridal retailer like David's Bridal, you'll need to bring your own undergarments.” She recommends investing in a strapless long line seamless bustier style bra that hits just above or at your waist. “Score bonus points by investing in one with removable padding. This is typically the most universal bra that will work with almost any dress type except the extreme illusion lace bodice gowns.”

2. Pay attention to the neckline
Depending on whether you want to minimize or maximize your assets, the neckline can make all the difference, says Smith-Garcia. If you're very well endowed, for instance, and want to minimize that, opt for a straight across or higher neckline, she advises. “In many cases, a bateau/boatneck sleeve style or a strapless (but NOT sweetheart) will help to minimize your bust without looking dowdy.” If you want to maximize, a sweetheart neckline is (in her opinion) the most likely to accentuate your curves or provide the illusion of curves if you're fairly small.

3. Beware of extreme illusion lace gowns
After covering over 8 seasons of NYBFW, Smith-Garcia has certainly seen her fair share of illusion lace gowns from international bridal powerhouses like Berta, Galia Lahav and Francesca Miranda (not to mention many more). “They push the envelope in terms of barely there bodices and strategic lace appliques. However, often these styles are difficult even for very small-busted brides to pull off,” she warns. The one positive about these designers and others who've followed their lead? The gowns are sold with the option to customize. “Instead of sheer, flesh-toned illusion lace, you can opt for more traditional lace in white, ivory, blush, etc., which gives you the option of picking a color that's forgiving and will hide any necessary undergarments,” she explains.

4. Consult a seamstress
Whether you want to play up your assets or, alternatively, not make them the sole focus of your big day, when in doubt, it's always best to consult a seamstress to see what your options are as far as offering ample support, adding in cups, etc. They should be able to guide you in the right direction in regards to your breasts and the fit of the dress.

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