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Wedding Hairstyle 101: How to DIY This Sleek Side Bun

Wedding Hairstyle 101: How to DIY This Sleek Side Bun

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Last week we gave you the step-by-step instructions on how to create a trendy, braided updo wedding day hairstyle right in your very own home. But if you're looking for something more classic and understated on your wedding day, you'll love this sleek side bun.

This chic 'do is formal and elegant, and would be the perfect style for a bride wearing an embellished wedding dress or high neckline. For a super glam look, dress the style up with a glitzy headband or statement-making earrings.

We broke down how to make this look your own right in your own home, so you can test drive it before your big day - it would be a perfect for your engagement party or bridal shower!

Follow our step-by-step instructions to master this sleek side bun and watch the look come to life in the video below!

1. Side-part hair and, using a 2-inch barrel curling iron, curl sections of hair.

2. Leaving out the face-framing section, tie hair into a low, half-up, half-down hairstyle.

3. Use a comb to gently brush out curls and tease the crown to give your hair a bit of lift.

4. Wrap the ponytail into a low chignon and secure with bobby pins.

5. Wrap the rest of your hair around the chignon and secure with bobby pins.

6. Gently pull back the face-framing section of hair so that it reaches the chignon. Secure with bobby pins.