What to Do If Any of Your Save-the-Dates or Wedding Invitations Get Lost in the Mail

What to Do If Any of Your Save-the-Dates or Wedding Invitations Get Lost in the Mail

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Once your save-the-dates and wedding invitations are printed, addressed, and stamped, it's time to let them loose into the world and hand them over to the post office. Nerve-racking, right? But unless you plan on hand delivering every single envelope, you'll have to go through this process at some point. So what if you've put everything in the mail but find out some of your guests haven't received their save-the-date or invitation yet? Our experts have some advice.

When you're deciding when to mail your save-the-dates or wedding invitations, be sure to keep postal time in mind. Allow a week to 10 days (or even two weeks!) for the envelopes to reach their final destination, especially if you have guests who live farther away or in more remote areas. Don't start checking in with guests about your mail for at least a week, or they'll start to worry that they've missed something important! After 10 days or two weeks, start to put out some feelers to see if your guests have gotten what you've sent them. Ask your parents to do so as well; some guests may not want to worry you and will keep it to themselves but will feel much more comfortable telling your mom that they still haven't gotten their invites!

If you do find out some guests haven't gotten their save-the-dates or invitations, immediately take a picture or scan everything that was in the envelope and email it to them. It's not quite the same as receiving a physical invitation, but at least they'll have all the necessary information! Then be sure to confirm their mailing address and check it against the address list you used. All it takes is one wrong number in a zip code or using an old address to get mail lost!

And, of course, there are easy ways to make sure this doesn't happen to you. First, triple-check your address list. Once you've decided upon your guest list, compile any addresses you already have. Then contact the remaining guests directly to make sure the address you get is the right one. Did someone move recently? Shoot her a text or email to make sure you're using her new address. Do another check after you've addressed the envelopes too. Cross-reference them against your full list to make sure you don't have any spelling or numerical errors. Finally, weigh your invitations properly! Take a sample invitation to the post office to have a USPS employee tell you exactly how much postage you'll need so that, once those envelopes are in your mail carrier's hands, you'll know you've paid enough to get them where they need to go.

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