How to Make the Most of Rain on Your Wedding Day

How to Make the Most of Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain: It's the four letter word every bride-to-be having an outdoor wedding fears the most. Even with a plan B, the thought of bad weather on your big day is enough to give any girl an anxiety attack. But what if the heavens opening up actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise (um, The Notebook, anyone!?)? Here, we'll look at the upside of a downpour because, believe it or not, there are plenty of positives!

It's a good luck omen

In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is actually considered a sign of good luck! Not only is it supposed to signify fertility, but it also represents a long-lasting marriage and the washing away of tough times (you know, like that awful relationship you had before you met your hubby).

It forces your vendors to be at the top of their game

One of the best things about rain, according to Callie Bracket and Christyn Wilkins, sisters and founders of a wedding planning company We Tie The Knots, is that your vendors will be extra careful and pay more attention to detail in order to keep you, the bride, happy.

It gives your guests something to talk about

There's nothing like a little rain to bring a group of people together. "There's just something about the environment that inspires a feeling of camaraderie in guests, leading to more attentiveness, participation and fun for everyone," explains Stephanie Aspinwall, owner and event designer at Pretty Entertaining in Washington, D.C.

It makes your wedding memorable

No doubt about it, guests always remember a rainy wedding. And if you do it the right way, it will be a fond memory at that. "As long as there's a plan in place that makes the most of the weather, guests will look back and remember what a great time they had and how the rain made the occasion even more magical," says Aspinwall.

It creates an utterly romantic atmosphere

There's a reason some of the hottest kissing scenes in movie history take place in the rain; it's so romantic! Plus, you really can't beat the sound of rain beating down on the roof or tent of your venue. It creates such a dreamy sound backdrop during a wedding, say Bracket and Wilkins.

It's the absolute best for photos

If you've ever seen wedding photos captured in the rain then you know exactly what we're talking about. "The mist and the soft light look so romantic and can't be easily recreated on a sunny day," points out Aspinwall. Not to mention all the great props you can use, like clear umbrellas and colorful rain boots. Many photographers will even tell you that they actually prefer shooting on a cloudy or rainy day.

It cools things off

Worried about it being too hot on your big day? Then you might want to wish for rain! "It cools down the venue," note Bracket and Wilkins. And if you're already planning on a tented wedding, that could be a great thing.