Target Is Partnering With Honeyfund for a Revamped Wedding Registry Experience

Target Is Partnering With Honeyfund for a Revamped Wedding Registry Experience

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If you're getting married or attending a wedding in the near future, we have exciting news. Target's wedding registry service just got a major upgrade that both betrothed couples and wedding guests will love. Starting today, the retailer is partnering with honeymoon funding registry Honeyfund to give guests and couples a revamped wedding shopping experience.

Target currently already offers an extensive range of products at unbeatable prices through its popular and user-friendly wedding registry. But now, in addition to picking must-have items from Target, couples can also register for trips and experiences with Honeyfund, which their guests can purchase through and the Target app. With all these gift options in one place, wedding registry shopping is now so much more convenient for both parties.

"This gives us the chance to offer the traditional and the nontraditional," says Target spokeswoman Jamie Bastian. "Guests can gift couples with a trip to the beach or a chance to swim with sharks. It offers the experiences and travel opportunities that guests love beyond just the products."

For 12 years, Honeyfund has allowed wedding gift-givers to treat brides and grooms to honeymoon trips, flights, dinners, and more exciting experiences. Through Honeyfund's partnership with Target, this one-stop shop means couples can register for anything, from a new blender to a cruise.

"This is the first time Honeyfund will be incorporated into a retailer's website," says Sara Margulis, Honeyfund cofounder. "You're getting the best of two world-class sites in one for more convenience for guests."

Sara and her husband, Josh, cofounded Honeyfund in 2006, appeared on Shark Tank, and struck a deal. The pair created the honeymoon registry site as a way for couples to fund their dream honeymoon without paying any high fees. Combined with Target, the service offers both convenience and inspiration to find and give the perfect gift. Sara also says that more and more couples are starting honeymoon funds as opposed to traditional wedding registries, so she predicts an even higher demand for experience-related gifts in the future.

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Additionally, Target has also recently collaborated with Pinterest for an even more revolutionary registry experience. With Pinterest's "visual search" feature, you can simply snap a picture of anything you like, from a vase to a side table, and Target's registry app will instantly recommend similar Target products based on the photo. Say hello to wedding registries of the future.