The Most Cringeworthy Brides of 2018

The Most Cringeworthy Brides of 2018

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There are plenty of ways to make your wedding memorable in 2018, but one way you (hopefully) shouldn't? By going viral as a bridezilla bad person.

Don't get us wrong, we love a bride who knows what she wants and goes after it-but don't let your groom, wedding guests, or bridal party become collateral damage in doing so. But thanks to the Internet, these frightful brides will go down in infamy for demanding a little too much from their family and friends.

See our roundup to relive all the times the Internet cringed over awkward and absurd wedding demands. (And then be thankful that all your friend asked you to do was abstain from social media during the ceremony.)

The Bride Who Demanded Guests Pay a $75 Entrance Fee and Not Speak to Her

This bride-to-be went viral in September when an email (riddled with spelling mistakes) from her "wedding coordinator" was posted to Reddit. The email contained a ludicrous list of "rules and regulations" for guests, including requests for gifts worth at least $75 and demands that women can't wear a "full face of makeup" or hairstyles other than a "basic bob or ponytail." Furthermore, guests were instructed not to speak to the bride "at all." We can't imagine anyone would want to after this anyways…

The Bride-to-Be Who Asked the Internet to Drag Her FiancГ©'s Ring Choice

The Internet came for this woman who asked Facebook to "roast" her boyfriend's engagement ring choice-BEFORE he had even proposed with it. Turns out, the woman had found the ring in a nightstand and shared a photo of it to a ring-shaming social media group before it was even rightfully hers. It wasn't long until the content was shared to Reddit where people criticized the bride for being ungrateful and for publicly embarrassing her significant other.

The Bride Who Fired Her Bridesmaid in a Truly Brutal Email

In July, Courtney Duffy shared a letter she received from her friend "Alex," who asked Duffy to "relinquish" her bridesmaid duties, after Duffy had already booked her tickets to her friend's wedding. While "Alex's" email was apologetic and still invited Duffy to attend the wedding as a regular guest, she also awkwardly asked Duffy to return her bridesmaid jumpsuit. And worse yet, the whole thing was done via email-if you're going to sever a friendship at least have the courtesy to pick up the phone. The silver lining? Jet Blue offered Duffy a free girl's trip because of the whole viral debacle.

The Bride Who Called Off Her Wedding When Guests Wouldn't Fund It

Shed a tear for "Susan" who took to Facebook to eviscerate her friends and family after they didn't pony up $1,500 each (and in some cases, up to $5,000) for her "exclusive wedding." The bride, in several expletive-laden paragraphs, explained how her life was ruined after guests wouldn't crowd-fund her $60,000 dream "Kardashian" affair. Susan went on to call-out then fiancГ© for suggesting they elope to Las Vegas instead of dealing with the stress ("Am I supposed to get married in the heart of shady gamblers, alcoholics and the get rich fast fallacy?") as well as her maid of honor for suggesting they plan a wedding within the couple's own budget. (The horror!)

The Bride Who Read Her Cheating FiancГ©'s Texts at the Altar

OK, this bride isn't "cringeworthy" as much as "high-five worthy." The Internet couldn't help but cheer when hearing how this Australian bride handled learning about her groom's infidelity the night before her wedding. Instead of calling the whole thing off, the anonymous bride chose to read her fiancГ©'s texts with another woman at the altar, in place of her vows-leaving her groom slack-jawed. She and her friends and family then topped off the day by enjoying the reception. Slow. Clap.

The Bride Who Set a Curious and Expensive Dress Code-Based on Guests' Weights

A now-viral Reddit post exposed a bride's tacky and quizzical dress code requests for her Hawaiian beach wedding. The occasion, which will reportedly involve color-coordinated "synchronized dancing," requires the women to wear green velvet sweaters paired with orange suede pants (accessorized with Burberry scarves and "Loubotin sic heels") while the men must come in "purple fuzzy jackets" and "soda hats." Meanwhile, women who are over 160 pounds and men over 200 pounds (yep, she went there) must wear all black or camouflage, respectively. While this would be more than enough to take the (wedding) cake for WTF, the bride continued, insisting that the guests' outfits be valued at at least $1,000. "Please, if you look like trash, so will we. All jokes aside, we want you to invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000," the post read. "This includes jewelry, accessories, makeup, and hair. Remember ladies and gents, this wedding is 24k themed for a reason." Best of luck to these guests for tracking down a designer soda hat (?!). And a note to the bride: If you're going to force your guests to dress (and dance) like expensive cartoon characters, at least spell "Louboutin" correctly.

The Bride Who Has the Cringeworthy Dad

Don't worry royal fans, this is NOT about Meghan Markle-a woman who was the epitome of style and grace during her wedding. This shout-out goes out to Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle, who undeniably topped the list of train-wreck wedding guests/relatives of 2018. For those who weren't keeping up with the Markles this year (how?) Thomas ruffled feathers just DAYS before the royal wedding when it was revealed he had staged several (clichГ©) paparazzi pictures. He then backed out of his royal wedding duties-leaving the bride to issue a largely unexpected statement about her father. In the months following, he gave several televised interviews, revealing private correspondence with Meghan, bad-mouthing Meghan's in-laws to the press, and even accusing his daughter of "ghosting" him. And from the looks of it, Thomas has shown no signs of stopping-so prepare for him to make 2019's most cringeworthy list as well.

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