What Is a Hatchelorette and Why Should You Have One?

What Is a Hatchelorette and Why Should You Have One?

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The baby shower: probably the least exciting "shower" you'll have. Like a bridal shower or wedding shower, it's basically just another social gathering where your family and friends watch you open gifts you picked out yourself. But this time, most of the gifts aren't even for you, and most of them involve potty-training cleanup. Fun! And while you can't exactly liven up the fiesta with booze, there are other alternatives to the traditional baby shower. Enter: the hatchelorette.

Coined by Purewow writer Laura Lane, the hatchelorette is when you combine the fun of a bachelorette party with the excitement of your pregnancy-or as she puts it, "Bachelorette + hatching a baby = hatchelorette." Think of it as a classy, relaxed bachelorette party. You won't be flailing out of the top of a limo in Vegas, but instead, it's an opportunity to round up your gals pals for a day of spa treatment, good food, and quality time together.

Much like a 'babymoon,' the hatchelorette is an unconventional celebration for your pregnancy. Babymoons are great ways for couples to bond together before taking on the new parenting role, but with the hatchelorette, the focus is on friends. Once the baby is born, argues Lane, you'll be spending significantly less time with your friends and extended family and instead will be putting most of your energy into raising your child. Hatchelorettes celebrate your little one while leaving the focus on you, the mama-to-be (this is your last chance to be selfish for a while, after all!) Thinking of trading in the usual baby bingo for something better? Here are some ideas for your hatchelorette party:

Take a Group Class:

Got major pregnancy cravings? Take a group cooking class and learn how to make a mean gnocchi. Is the thought of labor stressing you out? Unwind in a yoga class with your friends. Whatever you choose, make it something easy on a pregnant body-aka, save the Zumba class for another time.

Bring out Your Inner Pre-Teen With a Sleepover:

Lane wrote that her plans for her hatchelorette include: "an Airbnb for a two-night sleepover replete with some lounging by the pool, a chick-flick movie night and a round of baby-shower games (because I had to have some cheesy baby shower aspects)." You don't need to ditch the traditional baby shower completely, but you can incorporate it into a fun, youthful sleepover for you and your friends. Queue up a few movies (we recommend something funny like Baby Mama or The Back-Up Plan) and indulge in your favorite movie snacks.

Have a Spa Day:

Manicures, pedicures, massages… take a load off your feet and treat yourself and your friends to a relaxing spa day. Whether you choose to go to a salon or just grab a few nail polish colors and paint each other's fingers at home, find something that will get you off of your swollen feet and let you just chill.

The best part of the hatchelorette? You can still request all the necessary maternity gear, you just don't have to focus on the gift-opening bit that everyone always loves…